Custom Installation

Sometimes you need a service for a system that is out of the ordinary. At Technique Heating & Cooling, we make sure to never fit any one building into a box by trying to install cookie-cutter units that offer only a partial solution. With in-depth research and the knowledge that only comes from experience, we know what it takes to provide you with a custom HVAC installation for your New York home. New Construction We are true team players, and are happy to work with contactors for new construction HVAC installations. We firmly believe that the best service is one that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, no matter who that customer is.

Working with you to truly understand your needs allows us to make the best decisions and provide high-quality custom solutions for any project—solutions that will really last.

Checking & Maintenance

Repair If you’ve had a custom HVAC installation, finding a company to service it can be frustrating and fruitless. We have specialized in custom solutions for years and we have the knowledge and expertise needed for any quality heating and air conditioning repair service.

A company that really cares, Technique Heating & Cooling always provides the solutions you need to save you money, energy, and large replacement costs down the road. Don’t wait to join our HVAC family, get your free quote now and discover how custom installation can be easier than you imagined. Questions about your system? Now problem. Contact us today and we’d be happy to help.

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