When it comes to heating your New York home or business in the middle of winter, you need equipment that is up-to-date, reliable, and efficient. At Technique Heating & Cooling, we specialize in a number of different HVAC services, including heating installation. We have worked tirelessly to make sure every single product we install fits these guidelines, and we ensure that the units we provide are ones that we would have in our own homes.

Water Heaters

Either tank-type or tankless, water heaters are designed to efficiently provide hot water to the building using a heater and a system of pipes. Which kind you use depends on your demand for hot water, and if you are looking at installing a new system, we will sit with you to discuss your demand, your budget, and your needs. Understanding what you need is our key to providing the very best service, and we work to be honest and upfront about costs and benefits as well as the disadvantages of both types in order to find you the system that fits your needs best.

Think you have a great system but it’s not running quite like it used to? We do repairs on almost all types of water heaters, so just contact us today!


The key to furnaces is understanding your space well and calculating the efficiency you want versus your budget. We take the time to really understand your home or business, your available budget, and what kind of furnace will efficiently heat the area comfortably without being too large or too expensive. Most homes in the US today have furnaces that are too large, and while you never want to get one that is too small, excess doesn’t have to be an option. We have the knowledge and the expertise to know what your home needs most and to install it at a competitive price. If you have a system already in place, have us look at it and see if you are really getting the most for your money. We can suggest an affordable upgrade or make heating repairs as necessary, and we’ll always be honest about what we can do for you. Get your free quote today.


Much like a gas furnace, boilers are used as a kind of central heating system, using natural gas and a system of pipes and radiators to distribute heat throughout a home. While they are often used as a central heating system, they can also double as hot-water heaters, allowing you to be economical with your space and your time. We understand boilers best, and know what it takes to make it run efficiently and effectively. Save money on repairs or get an upgrade installed, we’ll show you ways to save money either way. Because we pride ourselves on our honesty, you’ll always get the service you need without the add-ons, the upsells, and the extra price tags.

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