Indoor Air Quality

You spend almost 90% of your life indoors. However, due to the about of pollutants we produce on a daily basis, combined with the fact that your air conditioning and heating systems recycle these pollutants through your home, your time indoors can be exposing you to a lot more than you’d imagine.

Air Duct Cleaning

Humans themselves produce a number of pollutants which can actually be harmful to our body. From simple allergens to lung-cancer-causing radon, not to mention air-borne illnesses, are in your indoor environment, and are being circulated up to 7 times a day in your air ducts. Having your air ducts clean can prevent illness and allergies, so get the air duct cleaning service you can trust today.

Air Duct Repair

When your system isn’t running efficiently, a big part of it could be less than perfect air ducts. At Technique Heating & Cooling, we offer only the best air duct repair services New York has to offer.

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